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Air Handling Unit Replacement

Kaufman Pavilion

Description and Features

Vansant & Gusler was the prime design contractor on this project. A study was performed with recommendations for the complete replacement of the 1980 airside systems serving the 7-story Kaufman Pavilion Building for the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.  Faced with limited service space and high energy costs, the project expanded the existing 2nd floor Mechanical Room out over the roof for new equipment serving critical hospital spaces while the existing systems remained in-service for the patient care tower.  Extensive phasing plan (8 separate phases) allowed replacement and modifications of the airside systems (4 built-up air-handling units replaced with 3 factory-fabricated units), rezoning the building tower from east/west constant volume, constant temperature systems to perimeter constant volume, variable temperature and interior VAV systems.  In addition to the architectural design to blend the building extension into the existing façade appearance and the structural framing required for the construction and new equipment, the design included plumbing, fire protection and electrical revisions for the HVAC equipment.

Project Facts

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Owner: Sentara Norfolk General

Type: Renovation

Gross Area: 11,500 sq ft

Floor Levels: 7

Owner's Budget: $3,686,880

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