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Combined Operations Center

Description and Features

This two-story semi-hardened building similar to the COC designed by Vansant and Gusler, provides a second part for the communications system that defends Iceland and the North Atlantic. In this case, two 600 KW diesel generators, extensive Uninterruptible Power Systems and other systems assure the continued availability of communications to the nation. Mechanically, the building has the capability to use either outside air or chilled water for cooling the heat loads in the building. Construction services included Shop Drawing review, price negotiation and assistance in the field to support the U.S. navy Officer in Charge of Construction and to support the Icelandic Prime Contractor during construction. Construction was completed in 1995, with full Navy occupancy achieved in 1996.

Vansant and Gusler also designed as part of the CRF project, an Administrative Support Facility, which consisted of 10,072 square feet of conventional office space. Construction costs were $3,641,000.

Project Facts

Location: Keflavik, Iceland

Owner: U.S. Naval Air Station

Type: New Construction

Gross Area: 32,717 sq. ft.

Floor Levels: 1

Owner's Budget: $16,000,000

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