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Construct Dry Deck Shelter Maintenance & Engineering Facility SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two (SDVT-2)

Description and Features

Project included pile foundations, steel frame, metal panel and concrete masonry walls, reinforced concrete slabs, insulated metal deck roofing, and steel truss. Building includes force protection design/materials, fire protection, HVAC, cameras/intrusion detection/cipher locks, information system and specialized features, including oil/water separators, engine exhaust systems, compressed air (HP/LP), compressed air storage (O2, N2, Acetylene), decompression chamber (portable chamber), clean room, high volume water/drainage, an 80-ton bridge crane and one 12-ton bridge crane. Functional areas include: DDS maintenance bays, life support/dive shop, personnel lockers, tank storage and maintenance areas, SEAL delivery vehicles (SDV) and boat maintenance bays, and various engineering shop spaces. Supporting facilities include AT/FP features, electrical utilities, mechanical utilities including sewer and water, storm water drainage, earthwork and landscaping, sidewalks, and access drives. All related demolition and site improvements are included.

Project Facts

Location: Norfolk, VA

Owner: U.S. Navy Seals

Type: New Construction

Gross Area: 70,400 sq ft.

Floor Levels: 2

Owners Budget: $19,690,000



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