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Description and Features

This contract consisted of six renovation projects:  Renovation of a Dining Hall, Renovation of a Canteen, Renovation of a Medical Records Area, Renovation of Patient Rooms, and Renovations to Office areas.  The maximum budget for each of the projects was $500,000.  Most projects were scoped close to maximum.  

Existing Building 50 at the VA in Hampton was rehabbed as a medical records facility.  The design incorporated the demolition of existing mechanical systems, electrical lighting and power systems and a new design incorporating new heating and air conditioning systems, modifications to the existing sprinkler system and new lighting, power and telephone/communication systems.

The design to Patient Rooms incorporated the renovation of 20 bedroom/bathroom suites in Building 146 at the VA in Hampton.  The mechanical design included the demolition of existing toilets, lavatories and showers, removal of air induction units (for heating and cooling) and wall fin tube radiators.  The new design incorporated the installation of new toilets, lavatories and showers for the new bathroom facilities.  The air induction units were reinstalled to provide heating and cooling to the bedroom/bathroom suites.  Radiant panels where designed for comfort heating in the shower areas.  The electrical design included new lighting and power for the bedroom/bathroom suites.

The design for the Renovation to Canteen Building 17 involved the demolition of the existing kitchen and serving line area and construction of a new kitchen and serving line.  The mechanical design involved providing new utilities for the new kitchen equipment (provided by others) and modification to the existing HVAC equipment to serve the new kitchen and serving line area.  The electrical design involved providing new lighting for the kitchen and serving line; providing electrical power and receptacles for the new kitchen equipment.

Project Facts

Location: Hampton, VA

Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs

Type: Renovation

Gross Area: 4500-7700 sq ft.

Floor Levels: 1

Owner's Budget: $2,500,000


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