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Landstown Yard Improvements
City of Virginia Beach

Description and Features

The Landstown Yard Facility is a utility maintenance facility considered to be critical to maintaining city water and sanitary services in a time of emergency.  Originally constructed in 1972, four major additions had been added.  The design project will renovate and strengthen the facility’s structure to withstand major storms, add an additional 10,000 square feet to the buildings foot print, replace essentially all mechanical and electrical systems, and tie together two of the building’s four electrical services, upgrade emergency generator and UPS systems. Spaces dedicated to communication and coordination during an emergency are included.  Phased construction will allow the building to remain operational at all times during construction. 

Project Facts

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Owner: City of Virginia Beach

Type: Renovation

Gross Area: 9864 sq ft. of addition & 43,503 sq. ft. of renovation

Floor Levels: 1

Total Cost: Still under construction

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