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Utilities Upgrade
Floating Drydock (SPEEDE)


Description and Features

Metro Machine Corporation purchased a 750 foot dry dock and required an upgrade of their facility utilities to accommodate the requirements of the dry dock and the U.S. Navy ships serviced. To accommodate the new dry dock, their existing dry dock had to be relocated. This involved relocating an existing floating pier to a new location to provide enough space to accommodate the existing dry dock. As a result, the mechanical piping systems were removed, resized and reconfigured to serve the new physical arrangement. The electrical service was increased to accommodate the increased electrical requirements. Mechanical piping systems included steam, compressed air, potable water, CHT, fire protection seawater, oily waste, acetylene and oxygen. Six new 3500 gpm, 550 HP skid mounted diesel and electrical fire pumps were added. Electrical systems included emergency generation, substations and switchgear. Site electrical utilities included 34.5 KV distribution, SF6 pad mounted switchgear, 34.5 KV to 13.2 KV substation, 34.5 KV to 480 volt substation, switchgear and low voltage distribution for ship and industrial power systems.

Project Facts

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Owner: Metro Machine

Type: Floating Drydock

Gross Area: 157,500 SF

Floor Levels: NA

Owner's Budget: $15,000,000

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