6330 Newtown Rd. Ste 400 Norfolk, VA 23502 phone: 757-461-6757 fax: 757-461-8516
Norfolk Southern Tower
Sovran Bank

Description and Features

This project was a new 22-story high-rise office building, located in downtown Norfolk. Our scope of work included plumbing, fire protection, mechanical and electrical systems. Plumbing design featured gas service, domestic water booster pump/storage system, hot and cold domestic water with electric hot water heaters, storm and DWV. Fire protection systems included fire pump, computer room fire suppression and wet pipe sprinkler systems. HVAC design utilized fan-powered variable air volume (VAV) terminal units, VAV air handling units on each floor with central outside air ventilation air handling and exhaust systems, two centrifugal chillers, two gas-fired water tube boilers, primary/secondary variable speed drive pump systems, cooling tower with separate cell for process cooling, flat plate heat exchanger with change-over for "free cooling" and hybrid DDC/pneumatic controls. HVAC life safety systems provided stairwell pressurization, smoke detection, smoke purge and pressurization air handling control. Electrical systems included lighting, power, emergency generators, UPS system, telephone and data systems, security systems with surveillance, cipher/card reader locks, intrusion detection and fire alarm.

Project Facts

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Owner: Sovran Bank, N.A.
Richmond, Virginia

Type: New construction

Gross Area: 322,255 sq. ft.

Floor Levels: 22

Owner's Budget: $24,000,000



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