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Carter Machinery
Caterpillar Heavy Equipment



Description and Features

Carter Machinery Company is an agent for Caterpillar heavy equipment.  The facility is used for sales, rental, the maintenance/servicing of equipment, and for the training of personnel.

The main facility is a single story 41,871 square foot building which consists of the following areas:  sales/rental/showroom, service/training offices, superbays for vehicle maintenance, and parts storage.  The sales/rental/showroom and service/training/office areas are served by a 30 ton DX packaged VAV rooftop unit and series fan-powered VAV boxes with electric re-heat.  The parts storage area is heat only conditioned by gas-fired unit heaters.  The superbay area is also heat only conditioned by gas-fired unit heaters and infra-red gas heaters located at the perimeter roll-up doors.  Wall mounted exhaust fans and roof mounted penthouse louvers are used to maintain proper ventilation.

A separate building contains equipment for washing and steam cleaning.

Project Facts

Location: James City County, Virginia

Owner: Mid-Eastern Builders

Type: New construction

Gross Area: 41,871 sq. ft.

Floor Levels: 1

Owner's Budget: $6,700,000

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