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5 West Oncology Renovation
Riverside Regional Medical Center

Description and Features

Project included plumbing, fire protection, HVAC and electrical design for a renovation of a 15,000 ft2 cardiac patient wing with general, intensive care and bariatric patient rooms. The building renovation was completed while the building remained occupied, requiring coordination with 2 departmental moves, a complex phasing schedule, remediation of mold and asbestos and installation of a completely new HVAC system.

Plumbing design provided new fixtures and potable water, drain/waste/vent (DWV), Medical gas, dialysis and storm water piping systems. Fire protection design included a wet pipe sprinkler system for the west wing. HVAC design included a complete replacement of the perimeter induction system with ventilation controlled by exhaust (building under negative pressure) with a new central ventilation system pre-conditioning outside air for temperature and humidity control with MERV 7 (50% efficiency) filtration, and individual floor VAV air-handling units with hot water re-heat. The VAV air-handling units are provided with 99.97 % Efficient final filters for continuous cleaning of all discharge air. DDC controls provide stand-alone building control, with access for remote monitoring and adjustment of setpoints. Electrical design included lighting, power (normal and emergency), and fire alarm, with provisions for low voltage systems (furnished and installed by separate vendors), including data, telephone, nurse call, IT and security, and equipment connections.

Specifications were prepared using the Masterspex guide specifications for divisions 13, 15 and 16: All drawings were prepared using AutoCADD Version 2007.

Project Facts

Location: Newport News, VA

Owner: Riverside Health

Type: Renovation

Gross Area: 14,000 sq. ft.

Floor Levels: 1

Owners Budget: $5,200,000


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